Return to Mithril

Several years after defeating the forces of the Hag-queen, Borballa, the founding members of the Amethyst Crown Company are urgently requested to return to their spacious but spartan chapter house at Harbor City's Silver Street. Champion of Mithril, Keth, who has overseen the running of the company and the chapter house these last many months while strengthening Mithril ties with the orcs of Lede, has sent word to his errant comrades that the Shining Council once again calls on the Amethyst Crown to assist the city in its constant war against the forces of darkness.

Ranger-knight Alucard, as he surveys the storm-wracked horizon beside his longtime companion, Dane, agrees to give over his leadership of the reclaimed ruins of Highfort – a joint venture taken on by Vigils of Vesh, Mithril militia and members of the Gravelfist tribe of orcs. With the return of the Ranger-knight to Mithril, he leaves Highfort in the capable hands of his second in charge, the orc war-chief Donnangar.

Lord Ananda of Mithril recieves word as he rallies the Order of Gold in the beleaguered nation of Durrover; as Winter sets into the highlands the raids and assaults by Duke Treviak's Black Dragoons have slowed to an occasional skirmish well beyond the walls of the capital, Durrover City. From that city's great, gray battlements the horizon still glows with the choked ashes and orangish blaze of several farming communities put to the torch by the relentless Dragoons. The capital has a current reprieve, just long enough for Lord Ananda to heed the call of the Company and make a quick return to Mithril.

Bangor, Master Shadow Wizard of Mithril, from the mountain peaks of Burok Torn's hidden aerial windows, surveys a row of Calastian soldiers marching past the ruined dwarven fort of Ironfang. The surrounding spikes of Iron-tooth pass are still stained with the corpses of fallen dwarves and their allies, the frozen bodies coated with a layer of rime and snow. From here word arrives of Mithril's need, and as the fading sun shines its last on his crop of purple hair, he knows he must honor his comrades, his company and his obligation to the city of the Golem.  

For what dire purpose does the city's Shining Council once again call forth the heroes of the great Hag War of 152? Thus far their reasons have been kept quiet, save for the knowledge that the need is great and the quest is perilous. They have come to expect nothing less than a great success from the Amethyst Crown, the city's finest and most highly regarded company of elite soldiers. Great peril awaits, but you can be assured that success in this endeavor will shake the continent and send tremors through the halls of power in Vashon and Durm – and those tremors may even be felt beyond our material plane.

Recruits will be needed, and the Shining Council has recommendations to make in this regard, but the final say, as always, sits with the champions and founders of the Amethyst Crown. Those unable to be on hand include stalwart members of the crown, Defender Conrad of the Order of Iron, who will remain in Harbor City seeing to the defense of the poor; Shadow Wizard Yujak, who carries a leadership role in a contingent of dwarven Ironguard who even now make plans for the re-taking of Iront-Tooth pass; and Anselmo of Madriel, Guardian of the Flame, who travels far from the city he calls home in an effort to bring the Eternal Flame of his order to others in lands riddled with the spawn of the defeated titans.

The company remains strong and will need to stay strong and united if they are to succeed in what Champion Barconius of Mithril calls, "Continent-wide, the most meaningful battle the forces of Mithril will have fought in over one hundred years."

Corean's City of the Mithril Golem

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