At 43 yearsof age, Barconius both leads the Mithril Knights and commands Mithril’s military forces. Physically imposing, he strongly contrasts his clerical counterpart, Emili Derigesh – as far as appearances are concerned. He towers over most men, cutting a heroic figure that most paladins and mithril knights in Corean’s service seek to emulate or exceed.
Barconius’ dark-olive skin and curly brown hair make him quite the eligible bachelor, as well.


In the 14 years since Barconius assumed command of the Order of Mithril, he and Derigesh have become the best of friends. Barconius’ exploits range from battling Calastia beside the dwarves of Burok Torn; to clashing with innumerable titanspawn armies across the Plains of Lede, during which Barconius is said to have slain hundreds of titanspawn single-handedly; to confronting penumbral lord Dar’Tan time and again.


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