Danye Blackburn


Blackburn is astriking figure of a woman, with black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. She wears robes over her lighter “working” garments to remain modest despite the heat associated with arcane casting. She appears to be in her mid-20s, but is actually a good deal older according to those who have lived in Mithril a good length of time.


Danye Blackbum, perhaps the most powerful wizard in Mithril, turned her considerable talents and intelligence to making the city as safe as possible for herself, which is why she proposed and built the Guild of the Shadow. The authority and autonomy this grants her makes it possible for her to continue her studies and research without harassment from city authorities or other wizards. She would prefer to disallow membership to sorcerers with their innate magical talents, but the city authorities would never agree to such a prohibition, and she lacks the strength to prevail.

Danye Blackburn

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