Khelarian Asuras


Stem and hard-faced, his black hair shot with white, his large jaw sporting a small, neat beard, Khelarian is very much his father’s son. He dresses well, but never excessively; eats and drinks in moderation; and never seems to miss a thing, casting about his piercing brown eyes.


High Priest Derigesh and the paladins, highly suspicious of Khelarian and House Asuras, made sure he knew that his house’s strict adherence to the law is a requirement for doing business in Mithril. The Asuras did not grow so powerful by being stupid, so pragmatism rules. Khelarian personally makes certain that Asuras’ operatives in Mithril are honest, cooperative and professional. Bills of lading and ship manifests are scrupulously accurate. Khelarian carefully overpays any fees that his traders are assessed, and his generous contributions to the Temple and to Mithril’s poor have earned him Derigesh‘s gratitude and even grudging admiration.

Khelarian Asuras

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