Lemses Behjur


At 36, this wiry ranger heads the Behjurian Vigil in Mithril. The Corean priesthood and mithril knights regard him well, and Behjur works closely with them and the city guard when matters require his attention. Much more relaxed about matters of protocol and etiquette than his Corean counterparts, Behjur inadvertently strains their relationship at times Fortunately, he doesn’t push the issue too far.
Behjur unflinchingly puts his vigilants into impossible situations and expects them to not only survive but also successfully perform their mission. While the Behjurian Vigil’s ongoing training regimen is as harsh as ever, Lemses – never harsh or authoritarian With his troops – can be almost paternal in his coaching of young vigilants. He commands his troops’ loyalty through the personal bond he forms with each of his vigilants.


Behjur worked his way up through the Vigil’s ranks though burdened by his family name. His superiors made it clear that the Vigils were no place for “lines of royalty.” Enlisting in the Vigil named for his ancestor’s heroism made life hard on young Lemses. Officer after officer made every step of Behjur’s vigilant career difficult, thus demonstrating to his peers that no special favors were extended to anyone based on their heritage or connections.
Ironically, those vigilants who witnessed Behjur’s harsh treatment and irrepressible leadership developed a deep respect for him. So no one looked askance upon Behjur’s eventual promotion to lead the Behjurian Vigil.

Lemses Behjur

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