Master Shang Yin Kyarr


Standing five foot two inches tall, Shang Yin appears to be a thin young man in his early teens. His metallic silver hair, matching eyes and pale skin give him an otherworldly presence and eternally youthful appearance. Dressed in simple but well made monks robes, Shang Yin wears little adornments, unless they are of a magical use.

Shang Yin emits the quiet charisma of a natural leader, combined with his inner peace and calm, Shang Yin is never short of those who wish to be around him, and to learn from him.

Shang Yin moves with the grace of a celestial being. Seemingly motionless and unhurried in all movements, yet impossibly fast. He seems to glide rather that walk and fly rather than run. Gravity never seems to have a hold over him.

Shang Yin is also normally in the company of a short red headed elf named Allysha Goldenleaf, whose beauty is second only to her quick witted tongue.



Twenty five years ago the city of Mithril was the site of a wedding between two of it’s citizens; the Silver Wizard, Xan Yin, and the beautiful Paladin, Esher Kyarr.

The two were founding members of an adventuring party known as the Silver Choir. Small but effective, the group worked to protect the city of Mithril and advance the teachings of Corean, taking commissions from the Titanslayer Citidal.

Though they were the last of the founding members of the Silver Choir, less than a year after their wedding, Xan and Esher retired from adventuring long enough to bring their child, Shang Yin Kyarr, into the world. The two were shocked to see the child was of Celestial heritage; an Assamar. The couple was overjoyed, and a few of the cities citizens who knew of the child’s heritage felt it was a sign of Corean’s blessings upon the couple and especially upon their child.

Xan was over joyed with his life, he retired to academia, and began teaching. Esher, however, felt the need to charge out once again as soon as Shang was weened. This was the cause of many of Xan’s and Esher’s escalating arguments.

Then one day, Esher was slain, battling a demon along side the Silver Choir. After the attempt to raise her failed, Xan became enraged. He became insistent that he must protect his son at all costs. He came to believe the minor rumors of his son’s importance, and devoted his time to finding ways to make them come true.

His dedication to his obsession took most of his time, forcing him to leave the rasing of his child to his sister, Circee Yin, a devote Fist of Mithril.

Displeased with her brother’s abandonment of his child, Circee did her best to give the boy the care he needed. She found that while her brother grew in madness and obsession, his son grew in wisdom and understanding.

Around Shang’s fourth birthday, Xan discovered the existence of six books, the Tomes and Manuel’s of perfection. Each book devoted to a physical or mental attribute, and infused with magic, allowing the reader to advance their body or mind in a given subject.

Xan saw these books as a way to not only protect his child, but of bringing, what he believed to be a prophecy true. In fact he saw it as a sign from Corean that he should.

Xan returned to the Silver Choir and, by dint of his reputation, and his higher level of experience, manipulated them into going on a quest to locate each book. Every few months to a year, Xan and the Choir would return to Mithril. Xan would deposit items into a secure vault, spend a day to a week with his son, then disappear again.

Shang grew up under the training of the Fists of Mithril, his skills unquestionable, even in one so young. His study into the ancient words of Corean brought much insight and maturity to the boy, as well as comfort in knowing he had a purpose in serving Corean.

The Paladin Metolian, Commander of the Titanslayer Citadel, and a man who had been a close friend of Esher Kyarr, began checking in on Shang monthly, growing impressed with the young boy’s skills. He also grew more and more disturbed with Wizard Xan’s growing obsession.

It was on one of the Paladin’s early visits that Shang was gifted his mother’s Mithril longsword, Idrysi. This simple gift saw Shang Yin delving into studying the Coreanic ways of the sword. An area he excelled at as well.

Metolian brought Bavo Handlin , a wizard from Mithril’s Shadow Guild, and mentor of Xan, to see the young boy. After lengthy discussion, Handlin left concerned with Xan’s direction of focus. Metolian continued to vist with the child, as his duties allowed.

Handlin, independently, approached Xan about his lack of parenting skills, and the two almost assaulted each other. Handlin, disturbed by Xan’s mental state, began seeking to find his former student help. Xan never returned to the city alive after that day.

Two years later, the Silver Choir returned to Mithril with news for Shang. His father had died in a battle with a necromancer, his body destroyed by magical fire.

Shang had come to understand, yet disagree with his father’s obsession. In the boy’s amazing capacity for wisdom, he had forgiven his father, and merely wished Xan to find peace. He was not shocked to learn of his father’s death, Handlin, ever short on tact but ever flowing with truth, had logically predicted his father’s fate many times.

The Silver Choir, not wanting their friend to remain dead, gained the assistance of the Church, and attempted to return Xan to the living. His soul seemed to resist, and they were unable to complete the task. Shang Yin found peace in knowing his Father was at last able to rest.

Unable to return the slain Wizard, the Silver Choir decided to honor the man he once was, and hold a Ceremony in his honor at their small compound. Those that knew Xan were invited to join them at the end of the week to celebrate the man’s life.

The Silver Choir gave Shang the key to his father’s vault. There, inside, he discovered numerous magical items, his father’s journals, and several magical books.

Reading through his father’s thoughts and feelings, Shang found a connection to a man he barely knew, as well as instructions on how best to use the items his father had left for him, for everything there was meant to be his inheritance.

Shang also saw wrongs his father had committed in his quest, wrongs he had left untouched and not atoned for. Shang saw his purpose clearly. He would right his father’s wrongs, give his father atonement for the after life, and in the process maybe come to find a connection with the man he never truly knew.

Shang donned the Ring of Sustenance, one of his father’s many magical items, then set about helping the members of the Silver Choir plan his father’s Ceremony.

Quiet and respectful, nearly two dozen people attended, including Handlin and Metolian.

After the ceremony Shang returned to the vault. The young man gave strict orders for no one to open the vault until he chose to come out. Many of his Brothers among the Order became concerned for him, thinking he had sealed and locked the vault in grief. Yet no one dared force the vault door open.

Twelve days and nights passed, and a vigil of sorts formed outside the vault and in the streets around the building the vault was housed in. From Monks of the Order, to common folk, a several dozen souls had gathered curious about the Celestial boy and what he was doing. Even Handlin and Metolian were found among the crowd, briefly enough for Handlin to discern, via magic, that Shang was alive.

At the dawn of the thirteenth day, the vault door opened, and Shang Yin Kyarr emerged. Still youthful, still angelic, yet his eyes seemed to hold wisdom beyond his few years..

Shang had read two books out of a collection of five his father had discovered. The sixth one perished with the great wizard upon his death. The fact that his father had completed his quest was not missed by Shang. Shang had read the Tome of Understanding first, as his father had instructed, and with that new found understanding, Shang read the next book his father felt he should, the Manuel of Quickness of Action.

Once these tasks were complete, Shang donned the remainder of the magic items his father wanted him to have, and he exited the vault forever changed. The remaining books and magical items he gave over to Metolian, to be used in defense of the city.

Shang Yin then approached a member of the legendary group known as the Amethyst Crown Company, the Cleric of Corean, Iron Defender Conrad. He turned his father’s journals over to the cleric, seeking Corean’s wisdom and guidance.

Conrad suggested the Shang Yin seek help from those his father dupped into complacency, the Silver Choir. Conrad swore to give guidance to the young monk, in accordance with Corean’s wishes and values.

Shang Yin Kyarr asked the Silver Choir to journey with him, to right the wrongs his father committed, and to make the world a better place. To bring the light of Corean to those in darkness. Distraught over Xan’s manipulation of them, the adventuring party agreed, and with the blessing of the Church, set out on Shang’s sixteenth birthday.

Returning to Mithril after each task, Shang Yin eventually was recognized as the Silver Choir’s leader. Taking the occasional comission from Titanslayer Citidal.

Shang would also spend down time conferring with Handlin, whom he saw as a grandfatherly figure. The Wizard for his part, felt the boy was destined for great things, and always sought to impart what wisdom he could on such a wise, yet inexperienced young man.

Shang would also spend time talking with Metolian, learning about his mother and her days as a youth when she and Metolian played at war and wondered what Corean had in store for them.

He spent most of his downtime in Mithril, speaking at great lengths with Iron Defender Conrad. Discussing Harbor City and changes that needed to happen to that part of the city.

Shang and the Silver Choir proved themselves to be competent and successful, achieving startling results in short amounts of time;

From dismantling a slave organization, to uncovering a devilish plot to subvert Landover, the members of the Silver Choir earned their respect back through sacrifice and hard work. The also won it back through blood and loss; under Shang’s leadership and the the Titanslayer Citidal’s directions, two of the Silver Choir’s members had fallen in battle. One was returned to life, the other either refused or Corean refused to return them.

The exploit that gained them notice by the Shining Council was the assault on Mullis Town that the Silver Choir stopped;

A powerful Orc, Kruddar the Dark, had convinced his tribe to raid Mullis Town.

The Orcs rode in, but where challenged by several adventuring groups, city guard and local citizens. Among those fighting off the Orcs where the members of the Silver Choir, however it was Shang Yin who challenged Kruddar the Dark to a fight, a test of the creatures manhood.

It was there, on the edge of the city, that Shang Yin soundly beat the Orc to death in a few seconds, with his bare hands.

The Orc was too big, and too slow. Shang Yin simply stunned the creature with his first strike, then beat him, repeating the famed Stunning Fist move every few seconds, keeping the beast stumbling and wobbling while he landed punch after punch. In the end, Shang Yin Kyarr stood, thick with the blood of the massive Orc, The other five members of his party gathered near him, and simply watched the remaining Orcs turn and flee.

Many citizens witnessed Shang Yin’s defeat of of the Orc, his speed and ruthless assualts, reminded several of a tiger.

Shang Yin became a living legend that day among the commoners of Mullis Town. He became known as the Tiger of Mithril.

Shang Yin became reluctant to take a life. The ruthlessness of his attack, the brutality of it struck him as wholly viscous and not in keeping with his vows. While he had never been one to instantly resort to violence, Shang started using the Merciful Palm Technique . A form of martial arts dedicated to imparting powerful non lethal damage upon an opponent, subduing them quickly, without killing them.

It was with this new out look on life that Shang Yin and the Silver Choir set out from Harbor City a few months later on a quest for Titanslayer Citidal.

At the age of twenty-five, Shang returned to Mithril after nearly six months, with the Silver Choir, Sinjin, and almost twenty people. The group consisted of various people he and the Silver Choir had saved, people who wanted to help continue to make a difference. Shang sought to make them monks, to teach them the Martial Arts. He asked the Shining Council for land and the means to create a new monastery, one devoted to a new martial arts style he had developed.

He wished to use the monks trained there to help patrol Harbor City. Seeking to harrass the criminal element, through saturation. Simply dropping as many monks as possible in one small block or neighborhood, making it known they are there to make sure to protect law abiding citizens. Eventually, committing criminal acts with the eyes of twenty, thrity or even fifty monks watching a small area, drives the criminal element to the next block, where a few weeks later, the mass of monks follow. Lowering crime rates by sheer presence and numbers. All the while, other members of the brotherhood would patrol the street, others would assist in fixing up various buildings, from carpentry to simply painting, the goal for Shang Yin was to bring order and light to the darker areas of the city.

Money donated or earned by the members of the monastary would be used for the basic upkeep and housing of the students, anything beyond that would be used to better Harbor City and feed it’s poor.

The Shining Council agree to Shang Yin’s request, and granted him an abandoned warehouse set on an abandon pier in Harbor City to be used for his Monastery, it was also decided that even though Shang Yin sought to teach non leathal martial arts, the sheer number of followers he had waiting to join him made need for a liasion between Shang and the Council. Iron Defender Conrad was chosen for this role.

Shang Yin retired from the Silver Choir, dedicated to serving Corean and teaching his Martial Arts. A newer member of the Silver Choir joined him, a young female elf, Allysha Goldenleaf. An aptly skilled rogue, Allysha and Shang had become romantically involved, and she stayed with Shang Yin as his adviser.

Shortly after renovations were complete on the warehouse, and about a week into training his students, Shang Yin was confronted by several Monks of the Mithril Order who demanded to know why he thought he could create a whole new method of martial arts, and not have attained the title of Master. So confronted, Shang Yin was forced to speak of his achievements, his knowledge and skill in the Martial Arts. In the end, a demonstration was demanded. Shang Yin agreed to fight each of the Monks who had come to confront him.

While a difficult task, it was one Shang Yin completed. The Monks of the Mithril Order granted Shang Yin the title of Master, and allowed him to teach his method of Martial Arts unhindered.

A year later, Shang Yin had several dozen followers, all training in what he simply called The Way. The area around the monastery was clean, and in good repair. Shang Yin would spend one day a week in the company of his friends, Handlin, Metolian and Conrad. typically speaking of philosophy, improvements to Harbor City, or of the glory days, which all found amusing considering Shang Yin was still rather young.

During his time as a Master, Shang Yin spent time studying the exploits of the cities most well known and well regarded group of defenders, the Amethyst Crown Company. He had heard stories of them over several years. A group that included Iron Defender Conrad.

Hearing and reading of the group’s exploits, Shang felt the need to return to the field.

With the remaining members of the Silver Choir disbanded, (some entering into marriages and families, still others formed new groups around themselves), Shang sought Conrads help, and pushed for a meeting with the Amethyist Crown Company.

Master Shang Yin Kyarr

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