West of the mighty Broadreach River, across the shores of Lake Zath and into the Sweltering Plains on your way to Shelzar. The Necrotic Sphere is in your possession and the Calastian Hegemony is at your backs, but have you heard the last from the people of Virduk?

The hazards of your journey will only grow more deadly the deeper you journey into the forsaken lands west of the Broadreach, but Shelzar awaits at the end – a city of luxury, pleasure and decadence. You have all heard legends of the City of Pleasures, the Jewel of the Blossoming Sea – its great jade towers, its graceful Elzan sky arches and its charming, beautiful citizens steeped in a stew of sex, debauchery and sin. Not the worst place for a weary vigilant to unwind after a harrowing trek across the continent.


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Corean's City of the Mithril Golem

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