From Bride Lake to Bloodhollow, traversing the treacherous Canyon of Souls…

From Bloodhollow to Amalthea, struggling against worgs, bugbears and the harsh Amalthean Winter….

…And onward down the great Eni River as Spring tightens its grip on the land. you travel through hostile territory, risking it all in your efforts to locate and secure the necrotic artifact that some powerful evil entity desires for its own pusposes.

Through the northern reaches of the Calastian Hegemony and into the Heteronomy of virduk – the birthplace of Littlethorn and hopefully the land that he has entrusted with safe-guarding the artifact he spirited away from a war zone so many decades ago.

You have hunted the legend of Ibar Littlethorn half-way across the continent and finally have found some answers. Deep in Calas' Halls of History a the musty old tome, Blood-currents of His majesty's little subjects, displays known sorcerous bloodlines among the halfling populace. The man who was Ibar Littlethorn in Amalthea, hero of the druid wars, was simply the man Ibar Bogcotton.

While his whereabouts are still unknown, you were able to find other of his line noted in that secretive ledger:

Bogcotton, Eluned – Halfling female, born 129 AV. Earth-witch scion, the verdant blood of Denev or her minions. Arrested for suspected sedition on 19 Corot, 150 AV. Bound to one year of impressed servitude at Fort Vinous.

And off for Fort Vinous you went – a rugged river fort nestled in the heart of the Heteronomy's wine county roughly a day's ride north of Calas. Bandit issues plague the lands it seems, the fort has increased measure to out the bandits and punish the community for harboring them, while local vintners and land owners declare that they are being unfairly targeted and taxed by the fort's commander, Dagruk.

Enter into this equation a mysterious holy man of Chardun and you find yourselves treading lightly as you seek out the means to rescue or speak with the young scion Eluned Bogcotton, who wiles away in the fort's dungeons. Will she be able to enlighten you as to Ibar's whereabouts or the hiding place of the dreaded necrotic sphere? Will you be able to remain on the right side of the law and avoid drawing down the suspicion of the fort, the church or the village?

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