Corean's City of the Mithril Golem

Inquisitor's Interest

How to Kill a BAzeek!

Step 1. Capture a BAzeek (it is easier when they walk right in your front door).

Step 2. Pluck out his eyeball.

Step 3. Scry on him mercilessly using his own eyeball. (this is due to your poor lack of supervision. BAzeeks are known for the craftiness and thus he escaped).

Step 4. Show up unannounced and kill him. (this part is more difficult than this step implies).

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the BAzeek.


That is funny stuff, only not for the poor BAzeek. However, these are Chardun worshipers so he can just count his lucky stars that the inquisitor never got his hands on the BAzeek’s mom.

Inquisitor's Interest

Yikes! BAZeeks are unusually lucky like that.

Inquisitor's Interest

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