Far Line

A feral looking halfling with fiery orange locks and eyes that sparkle the brilliant green of an emerald.


The Calastian slave house, Stolo, abducted an exotic Privash mystic named Meadow. Her people, the halfling of the Privash sent a group to find and rescue her.

Far-Line led the group that tracked the slaver caravan for over three months and caught up to them in the Turrows capitol of Pahrae.

A daring plan won Meadow her freedom, but came at the cost of Far-Line’s capture and imprisonment. Rather than being executed, the Earl of Longmarch took Far-Line as a slave and expert tracker on a five year term.

Far-Line has agreed to see out this term of slavery as Earl Bravus Ouvren of Longmarch has promised to enact laws to defend the rights of the Privash people to dwell upon and travel across the great plains of Eastern Calastia. So far, he has seen no improvement in the treatment of his people and Far-Line now suspects that the Earl has no intention of honoring his vow.

As he spends more and more time enslaved unjustly, Far-Line can feel the rage of his ancestors building and boiling within.

Far Line

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