Garcine Dusuau

Halfling cook at Bogcotton Farms and swamp mystic


Pronounced Gaar-Seen Dooz-Waa

Garcine runs the small kitchen staff at Bogcotton Farms; he has worked for the family for about eighteen years now and is fiercely loyal as the Bogcottons have stood by him through thick and thin during some difficult times.
When the Calastians dismissed the household staff they decided to keep Garcine (Master Dusuau) around to cook for them. He now tries to manage the house as steward and keep his kitchen in order, but it is a lot of work for one person.
Inside, he seethes with anger at how the Calastians are mistreating the Bogcotton family and will risk his own life to save the family’s.
Currently, Garcine is seeking a way to sneak the family away to safety as he fears the Calastians will slaughter them when their usefulness is over. Garcine is gathering water hemlock roots from the nearby marsh and has a scheme concocted to poison the Calastians’ meal.

Garcine Dusuau

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