A thick and sturdy ram with a grizzly beard of fur and a formidable set of deadly horns. Pahjaw is slightly shorter and slightly slower than a horse, but he has proven that he can keep up with the swiftest of mounts over the long haul.


Pahjaw (Paa-jaw), was a sturdy and grizzled old mountain ram who was living an easy life near the settlement of Norslan Rise, a community comprised primarily of druids in the Haggard Hills. Old Pahjaw and his long-standing mate, Bam-Maw, would often come down from the highest hills to sup upon the lush grasses and they both seemed to have a strong liking for the plump, sweet carrots grown in the earth within the radius of the Rise. It was the youths of Norslan Rise who named the goats, referring to them affectionately as Pahjaw and Bam-Maw (Grandpa and Grandma in the local tongue).

The two mountain goats, the first of their kind to return to this once-tainted region, were not unfriendly toward the druids or their folk and would often agree to keep lookout from the higher peaks and warn the community of any sinister doings in the area. For the most part, the goat couple seemed content to live out their remaining years upon the hillsides that had so recently been cleared of titanspawn and their taint. (Norslan Rise was the center of a powerful druidic ritual that has cleansed the land from the lingering taint of the Divine War). Unfortunately, while Pahjaw was patrolling the peaks, Bam-Maw was poisoned and twisted by a foul Venom golem recently released from the Hornsaw Forest to harass the druids of Denev.

When druids found and informed the weary old ram, Pahjaw of his mate’s demise, the aged ram seethed with fury and asked Denev for renewed vigor so that he might hunt down the abomination which had murdered his mate. It is said that a sympathetic dwarven druid sought out the great oracle who, in turn, gifted Pahjaw with renewed youth, vigor and vitality. Serving as mount to this druid, the pair rode off toward the Hornsaw and slaughtered the venom golem before it could return to the safety of that fouled forest.


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