Alignment: NE

Portfolios: Lycanthropy, moon, murder, night, madness, witchcraft

Domains: Darkness (night), Death (murder), Evil (daemon), Madness (nightmare), Magic, Trickery (deception)

Weapon: Dagger

Symbol: A tiny silver circle bound by a larger silver circle, against a black backdrop

Belsameth [BEL-za-meth] Titles: Assassin, Shifter, Slayer, Witch

Twin sister to Madriel, Belsameth is the daughter of Mormo and Mesos. Where Madriel is an angelic being of light and compassion embodied, Belsameth is a vulture-winged thing of shadow and ill intent, cunning and dangerous. When they manifest on Scarn, the two sisters appear as opposites in virtually every physical respect: Belsameth usually appears as either a dark, voluptuous, strikingly beautiful lady, or else a wretched, hideous crone. She changes forms at will, though, and is the goddess of lycanthropes and other evil shapeshifters. Belsameth is also the favored deity of assassins, cutthroats, spies, and others who prefer to reside or act in the shadows.



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