Alignment: LE

Portfolios: Conquest, dominion, pain, rulership, undead, war

Domains: Charm, Death (undead), Evil (devil), Law (devil), Nobility (leadership), War (tactics)

Weapon: War scepter

Symbol: A bloody golden warscepter with a thorny wreath on its head

Chardun [char-DOON] Titles: The Great General, Overlord, Slaver

Chardun is selfish and egotistical, but not mindlessly violent like Vangal. He always seeks to rule, by any means necessary, and he attracts followers who seek dominion over both foes and fellows alike (including through animating them as undead). Chardun is rarely cruel without purpose, however. He wishes only to establish power over others, and as long as his control is accepted, he is a strong, decisive, and fair leader. While he espouses slavery and the liberal use of corporal punishment as a teaching method, Chardun does not tolerate gratuitous brutality; in fact, because of his unwarranted punishment at the hands of Mormo and Gormoth, Chardun is just as likely to punish a mistress for unfairly mistreating her slave as he is a slave for disobeying his master.

Chardun is also a master strategist and battlefield commander, revered among soldiers and warlords, particularly those of the ruling class.


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