Alignment: N

Portfolios: Growth, plants, nature, the firmament

Domains: —

Weapon: Scimitar, sickle

Symbol: A stone sickle with flowers or leaves growing from the tip of the handle

Denev [deh-NEV] Title: The Earth Mother

Perhaps the mightiest of the titans, Denev is the only one of her kind to have survived the Divine War intact. Her survival was due to her decision to turn away from her fellow titans and to aid the divine cause. Some believe that Denev had always taken a more benevolent view of mortals than her fellow titans. Others believe that attributing benevolence to any titan is folly, and that she simply did not want to see her precious earth and its firmament torn asunder. Theological and cosmological considerations aside, today Denev is venerated openly by druids and other mortals who work with the earth and nature. A few find this titan worship troubling, despite Denev’s relative benevolence, but most people consider it a necessary evil, at worst.


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