Alignment: CN

Portfolios: Thieves, rogues, shadows

Domains: Chaos, darkness, liberation, trickery

Weapon: shortsword

Symbol: The silhouette of a left hand against a grey field

Drendari is said to be the daughter of Enkili and a siren princess. Many months after their coupling the siren appeared and presented Enkili with an infant girl who already displayed the ability to weave the shadows around her.

As a young girl, Drendari was kidnapped by a powerful, otherworldly race known as the Slarecians who sought to unlock the keys to divine power from her. This act prompted the only time the gods and Titans ever worked together as both groups came together to free Drendari and destroy the Slarecians.

Today, Drendari is the patron of rogues, particularly thieves and spies. Her faithful, known as Shadowwalkers, continue to hunt down and destroy any followers of the Slarecians that can be found, primarily the shadowy cabal known as the Penumbral Lords – in this endeavor, her faithful often works side by side with the followers of Corean.

Oddly enough, Drendari also often interferes in the fights between Belsemath and Madriel, but nobody knows why.


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