Alignment: cn

Portfolios: Chaos, luck, sailors, storms, trickery

Domains: Chaos, liberation, luck, trickery, water, weather

Weapon: Flail, heavy flail

Symbol: A sky blue actor’s mask with lightning descending from the eyes


Enkili [en-KEE-lee] Titles: Shapeshifter, Storm God (or Goddess), Trickster, Unlucky

Enkili is an enigma, even to the other gods. Though he was born male, he does not identify as such. In truth, Enkili does not seem to have a preference either way, and often presents as either gender, sometimes as both, and sometimes neither. Known by many names, Enkili is ambiguous and ambitious in nearly everything, although she is well known for her greed and her gluttony. As the Trickster, she attracts rogues, thieves, gamblers, and other arguably unsavory types. Enkili is also a favored deity of sailors, who invoke the Trickster’s blessing in the hopes of smooth seas and safe passage. Doing so is a risky business, of course, as one can never be sure if the Trickster will impart a blessing or a curse (and in any case, it is said that her blessing may feel like a curse, and vice versa).


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