Alignment: CN

Portfolios: Dreams, prophecy

Domains: Chaos, knowledge, madness, magic

Weapon: dagger

Symbol: A stylized white crescent moon surrounded by eight stars

Born when the Titan Mesos transformed himself into a black swan and tricked his daughter Belsameth into coupling with him, Erias was born with the power over dreams. This has made him a valued if lesser member of the pantheon of gods. Erias holds court in The Dreamland, a portion of the Astral Sea where all the spirits of all mortals go when they sleep. Erias's followers preach that this realm is where mortal hopes and where the truth of all things can be found. Enkili says that it is where mortals hide the things that they are most ashamed of, but most people believe that this is because of Enkili's jealousy of his younger cousin. Regardless of what the truth is even the gods dare not challenge Erias in his realm; it may be small but within it's boundries he is all powerful.


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