Alignment: CE

Portfolios: Bloodshed, destruction, disaster, famine, pestilence

Domains: Chaos (demon), Death (murder), Destruction (catastrophe, rage), Evil (demon), Strength (ferocity), War (blood)

Weapon: Battle axe, hand axe

Symbol: A cloven grey shield dripping blood against a midnight blue field

Vangal [VAN-gahl] Titles: Reaver, Ravager

The eldest of the gods, Vangal is more like his titanic parents than any of his siblings and cousins. He thrives on the spilling of blood, caring little for the lip service and devotions that seem to sustain other deities. He cherishes only the violence of battle, yet he is not greatly impressed with victory (even though he certainly disdains defeat); he is worshipped not in churches, but on the battlefield, when blades run red and villages are sacked and burned. For Vangal, violence itself is the ripest fruit of divine labor, and his followers are of a similar mind: ruthless, vicious, cruel, and often sadistic.


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