Village of Vineroost  


Population: 150 (93% Halfling, 5% human, 1% orc, 1% other) 

Ruler: Rinnit Dale (human male, appointed governor by satrap) 

Primary resources: wine, spirits 

Base gold piece limit: 500 

Purchase limit: 2,500 

A small hamlet, Vineroost, surrounds Fort Vinous and the fertile hill region has proven to be perfect for producing high quality wines.  The village has two primary inns for travelers, The Velvet Vine is the finer and larger of the hamlet’s two inns, the other, The Daggerboard, caters primarily to more common travelers such as merchant guards or small-scale traders.

The Bullyfly, which serves the only south of the border Zaquila around, is a small, local cantina that primarily caters to the halfling working folk of Vineroost. 


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