Moanscar Mountains

Torn from the earth by the dying spasms of Kadum, these forbidding peaks are passable only through the Serpentine Pass. Legend has it that Kadum’s dying agonies bathed this range in distorted magical energy. While titanspawn are no more common here than in other mountain ranges, travelers and explorers insist that some unnatural forces are at work here. According to several bands of adventurers, mountain trails shift, disappear, and twist on their own. An east-west path a party used a week before might disappear, while another trusted trail might suddenly twist to lead straight to a cliff face.

These same witnesses claim that paths change overnight and that an unwary explorer could spend days walking the same territory as a path leads back onto itself over and over again. Merchants and others traveling the Serpentine Pass have reported seeing strange ruins in the distance, high in the upper peaks. Given that the Moanscars rose from the depths of the earth, these sites could be the remains of some ancient civilization that predates the Divine War. As yet, no expedition to the mountains has been able to locate the ruins, and many have never returned at all.

The Moanscars are thick with bandits who prey on merchants journeying along the Cordrada Corridor. Several reports of a brigand gang wielding strange weapons and unknown magic items have caused many to speculate that a bandit chief has plundered one of these mysterious ruins and now uses the weapons that he found there against his hapless victims.

Codrada Corridor

This stone road provides a vital link between Mithril and Mullis Town. The first stones of the road were put in place in 65 AV, and by 87 AV the entire road was complete, along with a series of watch towers and guard stations designed to leave no section of the corridor unwatched by Mithril’s defenders. The Cordrada Corridor carries the vast majority of land traffic heading to Mithril, primarily trade caravans from Vesh and points west. Mounted squads of Crimson Legion warriors in the pay of Mullis Town patrol the Corridor’s southern reaches. Given Mullis Town’s reliance on trade for its continued prosperity, only the most skilled and dedicated freelance warriors are selected for this duty.

Fortified towers are set along the corridor, spaced roughly 10 to 12 miles apart. Each of those fortified points consists of a three-story stone tower surrounded by a 10-foot high wall. Atop the roof of each tower is a great brazier used for signal fires to help guide travelers and to signal all clear at each fort. The towers, maintained by Mithril, boast 24 warriors commanded by two paladin lieutenants and a paladin captain. Those under the command of Mullis Town are staffed by 16 warriors commanded by a pair of lieutenants and a captain. In addition, wandering bands of scouts composed of 2-8 rangers or Vigilants patrol the wilderness along the corridor. Despite these precautions, raids by orcs, gorgons, and other monsters from the Plains of Lede and the Moanscars are all too common.

Page of Corean
Feris, Chapter Master of Codrada Chapter House of the Order of Iron: Feris is an aging priest of Corean. He has not gained the incredible divine might available to some of his compatriots, but he has gained the respect of the paladins who serve within the chapter house he administers. Feris possesses equal skill at crafting words that heal and succor the soul as he is in forging weapons and armor for his charges upon the temple’s anvil. The Order of Iron chapter house he maintains upon the Cordrada Corridor is one of the best prepared, and many travelers who have rested within its walls consider it a true safehouse and very secure from the attacks of orc warlords.

Moanscar Mountains

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